Viu is a premium streaming service for video, originated from Hong Kong. The PCCW Group owns it. The site offers a range of programming that include movies, television showsand games online. Viu is a very entertaining platform that’s well-known and is used by a lot of people. Viu’s services are offered to Hong Kong residents and international users.

For you to begin using VIU, you must subscribe to its service via iTunes. The monthly charges are applicable for this subscription. It is possible to disable auto-renewal for your subscription by accessing the settings of your account 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. Then, after this your subscription will cease to renew.

The premium version of VIU permits you to download full-length movies and shows. Viu Premium offers a number of advantages, including the ability to view prioritised content as well as an all-access pass. Viu Premium also allows you to download unlimited videos without being concerned about your data usage. However, this option is not suitable for users that only wish to view only a handful of episodes of some particular series.

The platform allows its users to download and stream entertainment all over the world. It’s a great option to stay up-to-date with recent TV shows and movies while you’re traveling. The Viu library of films as well as TV shows has hit television series in Korea, Japan, China as well as Thailand. You can access subtitles in English, Bahasa Indonesia and Arabic.

Viu was initially launched at Hong Kong in October 2015 The service later expanded the service to Malaysia, India, and the Philippines. The service has more than 30 original films currently in production. The service is recognized as the most-loved OTT streaming video provider in every region of Asia. Each quarter in 2021 its MAUs remained at the top of the list. The website ranked 2nd for premium subscribers, as well as Premium video streaming minutes.

It features films of various genres. Each movie has a synopsis along with casting information, as well as rating from the users. It also offers suggestions of other related movies. It is easy to locate the film you’re looking for. Additionally, you can add the movies to your watch list and share them with friends.

VIU is committed to inquiry-based research and acknowledging the interdependence between the natural and human-made structures. The programs it offers take advantage of its rich cultural background as well as the distinctive setting of Venice. The unique setting makes it possible to see the extraordinary culture that has shaped the present and past and also the challenges in the near future. Beyond its basic classes, VIU also offers a diverse range of courses within Humanities and environmental humanities.

Viu is a source of original content that originates coming from Asia. Viu Premium subscribers are entitled to premium content HD streaming, with no advertisements and exclusive videos. movie8k can now watch the latest Chinese and Taiwanese shows as well Korean dramas. It is also possible to watch the most top TV shows and movies on this platform.