Ufa is the capital city and the largest of Bashkortostan, Russia. It is situated in the heart of the region near the point of convergence between the Belaya and Ufa rivers. It is one the oldest cities in the country. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is situated on an elevated hill. The city is visible on the map. Ufa has many activities.

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Ufa is Russia’s capital and the capital of the Bashkortostan republic. It is situated on the Belaya River, which flows into the Ufa. Ufa was established in 1574 to serve as a fortress. It was also a center of commerce, and was officially integrated in 1586. In the 20th century Ufa rapidly became a major hub for manufacturing. In 1956, the satellite town of Chernikovsk was merged with Ufa. Both towns have oil and petrochemical refineries. The latter produces synthetic rubber, polyester, and herbicides.

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