Training Day2001

Training Day (2001) ตำรวจระห่ำ…คดไม่เป็น

Training Day 2001

Training Day Los Angeles Police Department Officer Jake Hoyt has been promoted and is assigned to Detective Alonzo Houston, a decorated narcotics officer. Jake is told that the pipe was covered with PCP.

Roger is an ex-cop and Roger is his drug dealer. Jake visits Roger. Jake witnesses Roger, an ex-cop who is now a drug dealer, and Roger.

Blue later arrests Jake and Alonzo. Blue is an alleged dealer in crack and a loaded weapon.

Alonzo, Jake and four other narcotics police officers use the warrant to return to Roger’s house to take $4 million and a quarter each.

Alonzo takes Jake to the home and jail of Smiley, a sureno criminal. Smiley stops him from fleeing but he is beaten and taken to the bathroom to be executed. Jake discovers the wallet of Smiley’s cousin. Smiley thanks Jake for saving her life.

Jake goes back to Sara’s house in order to arrest Alonzo. He is also leaving Roger’s money to pay the Russians. The whole neighborhood watches. Alonzo promises to pay for the murderer of Jake, but Jake takes the stolen money and presents it to the police.

Alonzo flees for his life to LAX but is stopped by the Russians and shot down.


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